My two favorite blogging platforms are Squarespace and Wordpress. I started both of my blogs using Squarespace and I'm now starting a 3rd blog using Wordpress. For me, learning Wordpress was a big enough barrier that I knew I would never get my blog off the ground. I now know there are a few shortcuts you can take to make it much easier. One of which is the DIVI Builder which is amazing and as easy if not easier than Squarespace + all the added bonuses that Wordpress offers. On this page you can find all my resources for both Squarespace and for Wordpress. They both have great merit. 

Real talk: If I was going to do it again I wish I'd have started with Wordpress for all the plugins, but starting is way better than not starting and I have very few complaints with either of my Squarespace sites. 




I know how hard it can be to spend money before you make any money but investing in good quality honest courses is your fastest bet to success. When creating my course, I was creating a shortcut to getting more traffic. A shortcut that I regretfully didn't have.

My Courses:

FREE TRAFFIC DRIVING POSTS COURSE: free course on teachable that explains different types of post that really help to drive traffic. This is a foundation course every new blogger should know!

THE TRAFFIC FORMULA: This course is everything I did to grow my traffic and become successful in blogging. On two blogs and two seperate niches. This course is setup to show you exact steps to grow your blog and become more successful. Click on the teal name to check it out!

Courses I suggest:

STARTAMOMBLOG: I purchased Suzi's course and ate it up. She breaks down exactly what she did to make a full time blogging in one year. She's really kicking but and her e-book gave me tons of inspiration and helped guide my own path. I wish I had found it sooner.