Where to Share Your Post When You Hit Publish



So you've created your post and you love it and are super happy with it!!! You feel like a rockstar. Ya You Are!

but now what? You hit publish and that's it?

No you boost that post and give it the best shot it's got. I want you to think about this as if you have a friend who's finally ready to date. You aren't going to bring her to one party and be like. Hope someone picks you up.

Nah, a good friend would think about all the singles she knows and start bringing her bestie around. showing her off, talking her up. Giving her bestie, the best possible chance to hit it off with someone. 

Now back to talking about a post. You want to showcase your post to as many people as possible. You want to talk it up and show it off on different platforms. Your post going Viral is the True Love of the dating world. Give your post a chance to hit it big, or at least get picked up. Not every post goes Viral, but I give every post the best shot it can possibly have.

Before I publish any post I run each post through Grammarly, then Hemingway Editor. I love Grammarly for catching most of my mistakes. I love Hemmingway because it helps make my writing make more sense, and easier to read. Both are lifesavers. When you can't afford to higher an editor, these are great options. 




I post it to my Blog2Freedom Pinterest Board:

Boring I know, but necessary. Especially if you're using this board to have a campaign running behind the scenes on Boardbooster


I post it to my Facebook page:

Sooo I was very late to the Facebook party and have given little to no effort into growing my following. I do post to my page though, just incase someone stops by. Lots of people have had huge success from their Facebook pages, don't knock it, even with the new algorithms you can still get great views from Facebook. 



I schedule it to every applicable group board I have:

I want my pin to be pinned to every single group board I have. I have various different strategies for that. (CHECK OUT MY COURSE ON TRAFFIC). The basics are: I use Boardbooster campaigns to get my pins scheduled out. It's super easy and It doesn't take much time at all and I also use a manual pinning method for extra oomph!


I share the ever living crap out of it on Facebook Promo Groups:

I find Comment Promo post and Pinning Post work the best to give your post an extra boost. Here's a handy list to get you off to a great start with Promo Groups

I'm not some kind of pro at promo groups but I may share the same post with a different description on 6-15 promo post a day. If it's a really good post I can sometimes do that for a week, sometimes only a day or two. 





Comment Promo Post:

These took me a while to warm up to, than I realized that the hardest part of blogging is getting people to your site. Not only is someone coming to your site they are at least skim reading your post to write a comment. It's up to your post to be good enough to draw them in! 

Pinning post:

I like re-pin 5 or re-pin 10 post. Rarely do I ever participate in repin all post. 

These post literally give your Post a boost on Pinterest. Instead on your one lonely post being on there there could be 30+. It's a better jumping off point and has worked well for me. 


Stumble it to StumbleUpon:

 This has been an awesome site but it's also very easy to get shadow banned so please be careful. You always want to "stumble" way more than you add. Even if you are adding other people's content. This site is all about stumbling. This of it as Instagram, you want to get followers, you want engagement. You don't want to be throwing stuff up there. Only you will get "punished" if they deem you spam so stumble others way more than you add. 


Reddit, and other forum sites:

Honestly, I've been on Reddit for years and it scares the crap out of me. There are some really mean people. But if you are in a beauty or fashion niche you should definitely get highly involved. They are really reciprocative. I first saw SAMANTHA RAVNDAHL on the makeup forum and she blew up on instagram shortly after. 



I don't use Twitter, I should use twitter but in all honesty there are so many things you have to do that I don't have the energy to take on twitter. BUT! if you use twitter, definitely post it there!


I like to set every blog post up for success like this, even personal ones. You never know when a post will resonate with people and take off on you. Any of these you want me to go into more details about? Do you have any questions? Love to hear them! 








Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director