How to start a Wordpress Blog Using Sitegroung

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My best advice to new bloggers is to be honest with yourself why you are starting your blog. There is a huge difference between wanting to blog as a side hobby and no income goals, to want to quit your corporate job and make 6 figures in a year. 

Since you clicked on this post, I'm going to assume you want to make some amount of money from your site. Which is fantastic and I'm here to not only say "YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT", but also help show you how. 

This post is the first in a series of how to Start a Blog Post and Monetizing post. Keep a look out for them!

Step 1. Self-Hosted site

What is Self-hosting?  It's when you own your own domain. You purchase it from a company such as SiteGroundBlueHost, or many others this is what lets your site be viewable on the internet! Unfortunately, you can't use free hosting like Blogger and Tumblr and make money, so self-hosting is the way to go. I know it sucks putting money out at the beginning but this is a must for making money back from your site. When you self-host, you own your website and can monetize your domain!

Don't worry, Self-hosting is actually affordable these days. You can check out my top 8 choices for self-hosting, I'll tell you straight out Siteground is hands down my favorite. It makes it so easy to start a Wordpress site I wrote this tutorial to show you how to get your site up and running. Ready to start bringing in the money?!


Step 2. Choose a Hosting Package

For This example I'm showing you how to use Siteground. I highly suggest the GrowBig package, you get a lot more web space and 10 000 monthly visits. Now you may be thinking 10 000 monthly visits is a lot but I actually have a course that walks you through the whole process and you'll be seeing those numbers in no time. I always suggest that 10 000 should be your pageview goals within the first 4 months. When I started my first blog I really struggled with that (it took 7 months),  but I've since gotten it down to a science, so make sure you check out The Traffic FormulaSo if you couple my course with the Growbig Siteground Package you can't lose. 


3. Choose your Domain!





I have some tips when it comes to choosing your domain:

  • Make sure it's available, it will tell you after you put it in.
  • Make sure it's available on your social media accounts:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Twitter (although you'll probably have to modify)
  • Make sure that your name means something: it's super fun to pick a unique name but you want people to know what your site is about from a single glance. Having a super clever name can work against you if it's hard to remember or doesn't relate to what your site is about. It really helps to have a good idea of what and where you want to go with your site. Make sure you set Goals for yourself. 


4. Get Your paperwork filled out

Fill in all of your personal information and payment. Once you've paid they will let you know you have access to the dashboard and CPanel. Go ahead and create your username and password. 

5. Install Wordpress

Once you are logged into Siteground, it's going to ask you if you want Wordpress!! The answer is YES!! Best Part? There is a SetUp Wizard that walks you through the whole process and makes it ridiculously easy. 

6. You are Going to Register for Wordpress

You will choose a username and password for your Wordpress blog. People like to hack into websites so make your username and password hard to guess. Some tips on how to do that: use numbers, capitals and don't use words that can be found in a dictionary. I know this is a bummer, make sure you write it down. It sucks to have your site hacked, so it's important to make it as hard on them as possible. There are plugins that help protect you, that we will get into in another post. 

Next, choose a free theme to start to get you started. You will want to be choosy picking your theme at a later time. 


YOU are a blogger! 

You can access this dashboard and work on your blog anytime by going to Poke around for a while and get yourself familiarized.

I highly suggest you download my FREE E-Book The Post Formula, it helps you get started understanding posts that drive traffic to your site. 

Once you've gone through all that info, take a minute and soak it all in. There will be a ton to get started with. 


I created a category all about starting a blog because, to be honest it's bigger than one blog post alone. I've written several post about different aspects of blogging from choosing your hosting provider to organizing your email after you sign up to your millionth freebie. 

You can find it here! 


I do suggest starting your blogging career off with taking courses. You can learn a ton for free online but there are some things that are much easier for someone to explain to you and takes so much less time than learning on your own. Here are my top 3 courses for new bloggers, all three of these were written from a place of honesty. These bloggers (myself included) want you to be successful so we shared the information we figured out on our own. Blogging is all about learning, and doing. Learning and doing. I'm still learning and doing. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I'll see ya in the trenches of the Facebook Promo Groups!

Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director