10 Reasons Why I Chose Squarespace

 Why I love squarespace! A break down of what makes squarespace awesome. 

Why I chose Squarespace over Wordpress, the simplest answer is Time. I'm a working mom to a two-year-old, the amount of time I have a day for blogging is about 2 hours and that's my really tired I just want to go to bed two hours of the day. Wordpress was overwhelming, and I just wanted to start the site. I had enough barriers in my way. 

I love how clean and simple Squarespace sites look and for all everyone says they aren't customizable I find them very easy to make look "my own" BUT if time was not a factor and I wasn't using up a lot of energy at working, then chasing a toddler I would have chosen Wordpress. I'll go into why in another post (hopefully linked here someday soon!)

10 Reasons Why Squarespace Might Be Right For You:

1. Plug and Play

As far as platforms go, Squarespace has by far the easiest learning curve. I didn't need to understand hosting, or domain names, or who my email provider was going to be. I signed up with Squarespace, paid for 1 year, got my domain for FREE and it's all hosted through Squarespace. Super simple, plug, and play!

I was up and running with my first blog post up in 1 day. 1 day!! 

2. The Templates

Squarespace templates are "WOW" worthy. Squarespace itself might not be free but the templates are! Their templates are all geared toward different industries. Head over to the website and check them out! I also love that you can switch between them when you are first trying out. 

Here are my top 3 templates for blogging I suggest:




3. Support

Squarespace has had amazing support in the last 9 months I've been using them. Whenever I've been in a real jam all I've had to do is send a quick email to their support team and they have always had the answer for me right away. They also have a huge library of information filled with videos and articles on creating your site. They will not help you with custom coding, but there are lots of forums filled with people willing to help. 

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is FREE, and honestly, at this point, that's what I care about, once I have thousands on my list I will most likely switch to Convertkit which you can also use with Squarespace. Having Mailchimpl completely integrated with my site made it soooo easy, and when you are learning how to blog anything that makes your life EASIER is important. I use Mailchimp for my newsletter and freebies. It hasn't let me down yet! knock on wood.

5. Custom buttons, forms, integration sharing

With Squarespace you can easily have your Instagram feed showing in the footer or in your sidebar. You can integrate all of your main social media into your site right through Squarespace. I did add Sumo which also integrated easily with Squarespace. That's the share bar you see on the left. Everything is at a click of a button, no loading plug-ins necessary.

Instagram Block:


6. Blocks 

Squarespace works on "blocks" so I can put a ton of different kinds of Blocks on one page to customize it how I like. From a Text Block to an Instagram Block. It's a very simple click and drop process. This one feature is what allowed me to get my site up and running and looking great the fastest. I didn't need to code, I didn't need to add plug-ins. I could just click and choose which block I wanted in that space. 

Newsletter Block:


7. Summary Feature

Speaking of blocks. The summary block is my favourite of them all! It allows you to showcase other blog post in a super clean way. You'll see one at the bottom of this post. I use them a TON on Jessicadevlindesign.com, they are easy to customize using categories and tags so you only see what you want in each summary. 

8. Analytics

Before I became proficient in Google Analytics, this feature saved my butt! Seriously, GA is one of the most overwhelming programs I've used. all I wanted was a super quick overview of my analytics at any given point. I don't want to admit how many times I looked at this on my phone while I was first starting out. Even though I use GA all the time now, I still quickly check this on my phone from time to time. 

9. The Style Editor (This is header 3)

I love how customizable I can make my site. I can load all my brand colors and the platform will do the rest. I know Squarespace gets a bad rap for not being customizable but I call BS. You customize your site with different Blocks and the Style Editor. This is where you customize fonts, colors, header, links, your footer. You name it.  (This is normal)

10. It Will Grow With You

I love now that I'm over the initial blogging Overwhelm, I can dip my toes into custom code if and when I want. I loaded custom fonts, and learned how to use the Markdown Tool to add a specific color font in a specific area. I learned how to have my thank you pop up go to a different page or I dove in deep into index pages (which is not code but more confusing). My sites were already great, but once I had them where I wanted them, I was still able to keep tweaking them slightly to get even more out of them.

Who doesn't want PINK?


I love both of my Squarespace sites and feel comfortable to suggest the platform to anyone. Don't let people push you into joining Wordpress if you aren't comfortable. The whole point is to be able to make something that's right FOR YOU.


Summary Block: 


Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director