How to Increase Your Pinterest Clickthroughs

How to get Traffic from Pinterest

I am really excited to dig into today’s topic, I’ll be sharing some of my best tips for creating Clickable Pinterest Images. 


Question: On a scale of 1-10 how confident are you about your current pins? You can be honest. (no one will know but you)


If you just screamed out 10!!!!! Well then... maybe I should be reading your post. One of my most asked questions about traffic is how to get more of it from Pinterest. There are a ton of different strategies, this post is specifically about how to get people to actually click on your post. 

I’ve started two blogs now and with both I can remember the process of figuring out what my pins should look like. There was a ton of trial and error and not a lot of traffic coming through. Why? because I didn’t have a strategy for creating my pins. 

Pin Design

Some common things you will hear from almost any blog about blogging are you should create vertical images and use warm colors. I'm not about to say differently, I listen to those same people and it's worked for me. My go to size is 1000x2000 pixels.

But the thing I rarely hear mentioned is how to get your pin to stand out. amongst the crowd. There is so much freaking competition out there. How can you make your pin seen.



1) Type in the keywords you would likely use for your new post into the Pinterest search function.

2) Look at the commonalities in the pins showed at the top. 

3) Think of ways your could make your pin stand out in the sea of sameness. 


example: I typed in "food" 

Pinterest Pin hacks


Looking at the image above nearly every pin could be created by the same blogger. They are not unique in anyway, they follow the same template and have the same colors. 

I know that "red" stands out to people but a bright color would really pop here. Using a different layout than what seems to the default would help your pin be seen in the sea of pins. You may be thinking, but all these people had success with this type of pin. And you would be right, they all have... and since you are reading this post you've probably recognized the fact that it's hard to get traction in this over saturated niche.

Be different! Stand out!



I'm going to show you an example of an awesome Pin! This thing is created for pure clickability.

It's selling something that so many of us want! To grow our brands and she's telling us how quick it was for her where it seems to take so long for so many. Right off the bat we now see her as an expert and want to know her secret. 

She really gets us with that [in just 6 months]

That bit is what really entices you in, it's a WOW factor. 

She's not only going to teach you something, she speaking from her own personal perspective. That gives the pin authenticity. 

She is also extremely clear on her call to action. She literally wrote "DOWNLOAD NOW". 

Lastly she shows you there is lots of information but she doesn't give it away in the pin. This makes you have to click through to get her secrets. 

This is an epically enticing pin to anyone who is in her target market. 

Haven't heard of Eden Fried? You should definitely check her out, she's one to follow. 


Qualities of a truly clickable pin:

  • WOW factor. (stop your child's tantrums in one week)
  • Strong call to action (click here to get the secret ingredient)
  • Freebie (include a freebie, Click here to sign up for the free course!)
  • Don’t give too much away.

Multiple Pins in No Time

I use Canva to very rapidly try different things out with each of my pins. I switch up the background color, layout and background images. 

This short video will show you how I accomplish that.



How many pins per post?

I start off at 3, but until I've nailed my signature style for my blog I can have multiple re-dos getting it right. 

How do you know when to change it up?

I normally test my pin design in Facebook promo groups. If people aren't eating them up there, then it's unlikely they'll gain traction on Pinterest. Basicaly if a pin falls flat on Facebook I change it up right away. If it's not doing well over a couple months I'll come back and try to fix it as needed. 


Making Money Pinning Freebie!

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Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director