45 top wordpress plug ins

 Freaking amazing list! 45 awesome plugins. definitely pin for safe keeping. 

Plug-Ins!!!! Seriously the only reason I've been researching converting from Squarespace to wordpress. There are so many flipping amazing plug-ins that it's hard to know which to choose. 

I've been digging for weeks looking for the best wordpress plugins. I went through hundreds of reviews, countless post and here is my Ultimate List. I've broken it down into categories to make it easier to sort through. If you think I've missed one please let me know!! 

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These are plugins that will help your blog look better, be easier to create and reduce your bounce rate. There are some real powerhouse plugins in this section!


Build Your list:

These are the plugins most suggested by other bloggers. I hate pop-ups... with a passion... they always seem to come in right when I'm interested then I leave, but they work so well for so many people. I really like the MiloTree option because it's small and to the side. Pop-ups work, that's why so many people use them, you'll have to decide if you want one or not. They definitely help with your list growth!



When you are optimizing for google it's not only having the right keywords. You also need to consider website speed, and image sizing. The health of your links are also a big factor, do you have broken links leading to nowhere? Are you using follow links where you should be using nofollow? These plug-ins will help. YOAST has been the biggest driving factor on me wanting to switch to wordpress. I would die to get my hands on yoast. 

   URL Health


Social Plugins

Since loading SUMO I've noticed a huge increase in my shares. People want it to be easy for them and all of these plug-ins do that. I also love Click To Tweet which makes any text you want linkable right to twitter. If you say something catchy your readers can tweet it off the hop. 


Comment Plugins

I'm currently using the native Squarespace comments but there is a huge debate on what's better Disqus or CommentLuv. I love that I only needed to sign in once to Disqus since I leave a ton of comments, but I also love that CommentLuv does a fantastic job of sharing others work. I would love to hear what you think about these two?


BackUp Plugin

Please for the love of all that is sacred in this world BACKUP YOUR BLOG! People have lost everything and it would be so devastating. I've read great things about all 3 of these.


Security Plug In:

Ok nitty gritty of blogging. People like to hack into sites. People like to steal content. Here are some awesome plugins to help protect yourself. 



Autobots.... no not like the transformers... but the ones that leave spammy gross pointless comments all over your blog. These plugins help get rid of the pointless spam.


Contact Forms

Contact Forms, Opt-in Forms, Newsletter forms. Forms are a big part of blogging. Make sure you pick a great one. I'm toggling between Magic Action Box and Gravity Forms. 



If you are selling right from your site, these are the two plug-ins I saw recommended several times. Especially the WooCommerce one. 



I love google analytics, it was super overwhelming but once I got the hang of it, I couldn't live without it. These help you monitor your analytics!



Claire from StartaCraftBlog and Valerie (unfortunately it didn’t link to a site) both mentioned the importance of not overloading your site with Plug-ins. This is a huge list make sure you read what each plug-in provide, some have multiple functions and something you could do manually.


Except yoast… you need to get yoast

 WOW!!! Must pin resource here. 47 Wordpress Plugins in every category!
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Do you have a personal experience either positive or negative with any of these plug-ins? I would love to hear your experience. We bloggers have to stick together!!!

Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director