How to Get People to Share Your Post


In our last post we covered where to share your post to get the most coverage right off the bat. Today we are going to go through what things you can add directly to your post to get others to share them! In a perfect world your readers will love every post you make and be super excited to share everything you say. It's not a perfect world but you can do a few things to help get your post organically shared!

"Nothing's sweeter thAn when someone loves your post so much that they share it with their friends." -Blog2Freedom" -Click to tweet!



ClicktoTweet is an awesome FREE tool that allows you to generate a Tweetable quote.

I created the one above in about 30 seconds. Super easy to do, and it really helps to get your words out there.

When your readers love your quote all they have to do is click and it will instantly allow them to tweet it! Cool right?


Social Share Plugin:

Sumo Is the social share plugin that I use but there are a ton out there.

You can check out my post on Plugins for tons of ideas.

The important thing is you have highly visible share buttons. I prefer to have a bar on the left hand side but I've seen bars on the top and bottom that work great too!

Carly from MommyonPurpose has an amazing post about how important it is to have your social share buttons on point. You should definitely check it out.


Mention Other Bloggers: 

There is something to be said about mentioning another blogger in your post. Sharing their content in the form of a quote or a shoutout to one of their products is an amazing way to have them share your post.

This is the ultimate in having each other's backs. I like to tag them on Instagram or send them a quick email saying that I've included them in the post and would love for them to check it out.

Sometimes they share and sometimes they don't but it's definitely my favorite strategy. 


Round Up Post: 

Every day I see round-up post and I always wonder "did they contact that other blogger". Not only is it the right thing to do but it's also an amazing strategy to get your post shared by many different bloggers.

Send a friendly email explaining your post and which image you would like to use will go a long way on getting others to share your post.

Plus when they start to see your referral traffic in their Analytics they are going to be happy to work with you again!



This is the end all be all when it comes to getting your work shared. You need to provide value to your readers to make them want to share it.

  • They have to think it's so helpful that they will definitely want to save it to Pinterest for later.
  • Your content has to be amazing because even if you contact another blogger asking for permission to share their work. Then give them a heads up that your post is up. It won't matter if it doesn't look professional they aren't going to share it.
  • Same goes for ClicktoTweet, if it's not a phrase that resonates with your readers, they aren't going to share it. 

What strategies do you use to get your post organically shared?


Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director