Top 27 Traffic boosting Facebook Promo Groups

Facebook Promo Groups are amazing, they are a huge source of my traffic and the best way to meet new friends.

Hi Oh!

There are 27 awesome Promo Groups to join here. I selected them all based on the fact that they have share days. These are promo groups to help you get your content out in front of other people! Make great content and they will help expand your reach! My favourite promo days are re-pin and comment days. You may be wondering why comment days, well I used to think they were kinda pointless but then I realized the hardest part is to get someone to your site. 

Comment days, guarantees eyes on your site, then your content keeps them there. 



General Guidelines to follow:

  • Always reciprocate (follow whatever the rules of the post are)
  • Even if they don't specifically ask you to share, always give more than you take. share 2:1 ratio
  • Leave genuine comments, you'd be surprised the connection you make
  • when leaving a great comment in your niche put your name like this: Jessica | Blog2Freedom. That was a great tip from
  • if your post aren't being shared, adjust your images, adjust the blurb you include. make it enticing to this particular audience, which you know are fellow bloggers. Sometimes a simple " I could really use some shares on this please" is all it takes. 

Click on the Group Name to be linked directly to the group sign up page! 


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