How The Awesome DIVI Theme made wordpress easy


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I distinctly remember trying to start a website on WordPress back in 2010. I had all of these ideas, I drew out the layout I wanted on a piece of paper I was so excited it was freaking unreal. 

Well, until I tried to build it. I was super overwhelmed by the whole process and underwhelmed by the results. Kudo's to everyone who started their websites back then. You are truly patient talented souls. I pretty much completely gave up and my site looked horrible, but it was for a sports team so it served its purpose. 

Cue 2016, I started my Home Design Website, straight up because of Squarespace. it made it so easy for me to start that I was able to produce a great looking site within days instead of weeks-months. The learning curve was so easy in comparison to what I had to deal with in 2010, I wish I could make that site now. It would rock.

BUT! Squarespace definitely has limitations, Wordpress has all of those awesome plugins that make it so much easier to integrate really awesome things. like YOAST

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Bam! It's every single thing I love about Squarespace but in Wordpress. it makes building your site intuitive and so much freaking easier. It's a Theme slash pagebuilder and it changed how people build their sites. 


Real Time Design :

You can see the changes as you make them


Click & Type

You can click right on your page and start typing. Gone are the days of needing to open your settings panel. 


Customize Everything


Organize with Ease

Everything snaps together perfectly and automatically


46 Content Elements

Mix and match to build pretty much anything you can imagine.


Global Elements

Sync them over multiple pages! Update them once and they are updated everywhere! 


Barely There Load Time

Divi is super fast! Zero refreshes and almost no loading of any kind. (yes, google will love you)


Starter Layouts

If you are like me and can get overwhelmed started on a blank slate. Grab one of their 20+ pre-made layouts that you get with the builder. Then customize from their!


I've been talking for a while about starting a new site, and DIVI is what finally sealed the deal. I still didn't want the big learning curve that Wordpress has, but DIVI has cleared that up completely! 

I only wish I had found it before I made this site!


Here are a few of them:



One of my absolute favorite mom bloggers uses DIVI too! STARTABLOGBYNUMBERS.COMtalk about an amazing course site. it feels so professional light and clean. I'm a week bit jealous, Suzy who also runs STARTAMOMBLOG, is who inspired me to look into DIVI. 

Interested in learning more? They have tons of info on their site. I can't wait to get started.


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