Must Have Blogging Terms Cheatsheet

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Ughhh! One of the biggest headaches of being a new blogger is getting your head around all of the blogging jargon being used. When starting out, I kept having to ask what things were. 

I've created this handy cheatsheet for you to pin with all of the popular terms that confused me starting out. If there's one you think I've missed make sure you tell me in the comments. I want this list to be as comprehensive as possible. 


What's SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, this is a fancy way of saying you want your website to be easy for the google bots to read. By placing specific information in specific places it will speed up the process of showing up on googles ranking. 


What Do They Mean By Opt-In?

Also known as a lead magnet, is something that provides value to your ideal client that you give them in exchange for their email address. For example, my opt-in is this FREE COURSE on how to make money using Pinterest. 

Pretty basic concept, in blogging it's hard for someone to keep track of all your post and it's super easy to forget to check out a blog. You want to get your readers signed up to your email list so you can stay in touch. Make sure you only send value filled emails or people will be unsubscribing left and right!


What's a Host? (Hosting Provider)

In order for your website to be visible on the internet, you will need to host it. That's a company that has the servers required to store your information on the web. Essentially you can't have a website without a hosting provider. Not one that anyone else can see at least. There are a bunch of different options to choose from. I suggest you look through each option and choose the one that fits right with you. I suggest Siteground because in all my research they have the best customer service and are a low monthly price point. 

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What Does Social Mean?

When someone throws the term social out there, they are specifically talking about social media. The main Social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Getting your work out onto Social platforms is a quick way to grow your Social Presence. Which is a fancy way of saying that many people know who you are. This is a key element in succeeding in today's blogging environment. Know which platform works best for your niche. You can figure that out by spending time on each one and see how many people are looking for the things you blog about. For my home design business, Instagram is very important because it's so visual, but Twitter may be better for my teaching business. 


What Is a Plug In?

Without getting too techie, a plug-in is a piece of software that you can easily add to your Wordpress site. It will allow you to have more functions than you currently do. There are a ton of great plug-ins that really help you build an amazing site. 

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What's a Widget?

Similar to a plugin. A widget is an add-on to your Wordpress site that is a block that provides a specific function. They fit into Wordpress's Widget ready areas and allow you to add things like an about me section. 

What the "F" is a Funnel

Ok! This isn't as complicated as it sounds... well maybe it is but I'm going to break it down for you as simply as I can. People do not buy from people they don't trust. PERIOD.

Let's talk about this in a day to day setting. If we've just met at a random place waiting in line. Do you trust me? 

Probably not, right?

So the first step is generally the introduction. Then we chat a bit, and we end up having common interest, and maybe we exchange numbers or become Facebook friends. We like each others post and eventually we go hang out for drinks someday. Happy to have made a new friend. 

In the blogging world we do this same thing using a Funnel: 

A funnel allows your potential client get to know you. Each step getting more and more familiar with you, until they feel like they can trust you and your products.

Looks like this:

You've made it onto my site, found my about page and know I'm Jessica and that my sites purpose is to help people turn their hobby blogs into businesses. 

You might think. "hey, I'd like help doing that" and then look around my site.

I have my Opt-In (lead magnet) on every single post, and page. That way it's highly visible and hard to miss. 


Landing page: 

After you click on my opt-in above, you land on a quick sales page. Remember this product is free, but there is still a page that gives a bit of info on it and request your Name and Email address. This is called the Landing Page.

People get to know more about your product here.


The Opt-In Product:

Many people when creating their funnels don't think about the fact that what ever product you are giving away matters a lot. This is the first product your potential customer is seeing of yours. 

They know your name, what you're about. Decided to check out your work.

Make sure it's a great first impression!



Once you've signed up for someone's freebie you may be presented with a tripwire product. This is usually a low dollar ($20 or less) nearly impossible to resist product. Something that's usually too good to be true.

You might be thinking why would I sell something that gives so much value for so little money? The reason is twofold:

1) you may have an ad running and this will help recoup advertizing cost.

2) It's much easier to sell to someone if they've already purchased from you once. 


Email Funnel:

Series of emails usually 5-7 that provide you with value and slowly introduce whatever product you sell.

To recap a Funnel:

  • Website/Post/Ad
  • Opt-In
  • Tripwire
  • Email Sequence

I really hope this post helps clear a few things up. Please leave a comment if I've left anything out you'd like to see.




Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director