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set yourself up with the right hosting from the beginning! 


The first rule about making money blogging, is to own your domain.

The second rule about making money blogging, is to make sure you find a great host. 

The third rule about making money blogging, is to make sure they are reputable. 


To have a profitable site you need to own your own domain. Free hosting sites don't let you use so many of the awesome income streams available to bloggers.

Since I've decided to create my very own Wordpress site I figured I would collect all the research I've been doing and share it with you. I've decided to go with Siteground. They have great reviews, good pricing and are super easy to setup. Read the overview of each one and if something catches your eye make sure you check them out even further. You want to get the hosting of your site right!


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Don't worry! it's actually way more affordable than most people think it is. a few coffees skipped and you've paid your host. I've listed out my top 8 hosts, make sure you go further than reading this post and see which works best for you. We all have favorites. My personal favorite is Siteground. I did a tutorial on how to setup your Wordpress site using Siteground. 


Top 8 Best Web Hosting Providers To Monetize Your Blog



As I mentioned earlier Siteground is my absolute favorite hosting service. They have super fast load times and are quickly becoming the most popular hosting service for a reason.  They offer a free domain with your service, unlimited bandwidth, and all with an excellent reputation. They also have great help center to assist you if you need! 

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WP Engine since it's from Wordpress it integrates seamlessly. You can choose between different packages to find the one that fits best for you.



Bluehost has been on every blogger's lips for a while now. It is a close second for me as host go. It's affordable and quick to setup. Wanna hear something really neat about Bluehost? They have a 1-click wordpress installation process. 



Hostgator Super easy to install with Wordpress, crazy good money back guarantee... because they know you won't need it. No Contract, Month to month, and Free Techsupport.



FatCow is easy to navigate, they offer free domain, free email & commerce. They also go way out of their way to help support you. 



Dreamhost is from way back in 96! It may be old school but it's also huge and reliable. They also have a spectacular money back guarantee! Unlimited bandwidth, friendly support. They have amazing up time and even give you free days back for any experienced downtime. The downside is it's an expensive option. 


FREE DOMAIN FOR LIFETIME, so that really impressed me since that's normally a reoccurring fee that most of us forget about every year. It has its own website builder in case you didn't want to use Wordpress, 



It's straight up setup to be used with Wordpress. Great way to start simple and go. You can't really go wrong with this one. 


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