This post may contain affiliate links. Doesn’t cost you a thing and helps me keep this place running. I only post my actually opinion, I get lucky sometimes and it matches with affiliate programs.



All joking aside I really do love affiliate links. They are a win win scenario for everyone involved. For the blogger you are making a commission, for the network they get a cut and the merchant gets the rest. Obviously cutting out the middle man would get you the highest commission but becoming an Affiliate directly with Brands takes time. 

If you are new to the term Affiliate Program or Affiliate Network it's pretty simple. The network curates thousands of Merchants. You join the network and you're able to use their links on your own post.  

This is a quick and easy way to start earning more fast. Over time you will reach out to individual Brands and make deals with them directly but for most bloggers starting out these are the affiliate programs you want to be apart of. 

Something else to keep in mind is that there are things not worth reaching out to a brand for. A great example of that is a one off product, so even if you were trying to go directly with all the brands, Affiliate Networks still have their own place. 


ShareASale: ShareAsale is a large affiliate network. It's platform has 4000 merchants and rising. They show you important data like average sale amount and earnings per click. It is a clunky site but with Merchants like Wayfair, Modcloth and Domino its definitely worth joining. 

AWIN: Etsy!!! ok that's not the only reason to join but it's definitely a great one. I love AWIN's selection of merchants, it's a very easy to use interface and it generate a fair amount of revenue. 

ViglinksI use Viglinks all the time. I'm a huge fan of how easy it is. I use their Anywhere links the most. I will warn you. I did not like the feature where it automatically added links to my site. I removed the code. I prefer to generate my own links.

Skimlinks: Nearly identical to Viglinks but with different merchants. I follow the theory of join as many as I can and when ever I talk about a product I always search through my networks to see if I can grab up an affiliate link. 

flexoffers: Tons of brands to choose from, you can get started early on and in almost any niche. 

CJ.com: Is considered one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. Definitely something I suggest trying to be a part of. The more options the more likely you will be able to use an affiliate link on your most popular post. 

Amazon Affiliates: Although Amazon Affiliates is not quite as lucrative as it once was. It's definitely still a major player. You see, you receive commission on anything that person buys for 30 days after they've clicked through your link. So the possibility of them making a purchase is much higher. 

rewaredstyle (liketoknowit): This is a high end Affiliate Network. They only accept specific bloggers and are very secretive about what the requirements are. I do know you need to have an Instagram following. RewardStyle is also responsible for the Liketoknow.it app. Which allows you to like a picture on Instagram and receive an email with all the information. It's pretty spectacular. They are definitely choosy on who they let in, but if you have a solid following on Instagram and take great quality photos than chances are, you'll be approved. 

RAKUTEN LINKSHAREThis is one of the oldest networks but by no means the biggest. They have banner ads that automatically rotate. Just make sure that it won't distract from your post first. They do offer links to individual merchant landing pages making customization easier. 


Tips to Sell Using Affiliate Links:

1. The one thing that really helps affiliate links get eaten up is putting time into the post. Making it useful. If you are slapping words into your post for the sole reason of having people click on your affiliate links, you'll be sadly mistaken.

2. A great way to incorporate affiliate links is in a project you were already going to do. Example if you were already buying that new couch from Wayfair, you may post about it using an affiliate link. That seems a whole lot more genuine plus you can give a physical review of the product.

3. Create a post about the subject. So look up, those are all affiliate links. If you choose to join the groups I will make a small commission. This post is both educational and added revenue to my site. You can do this with a bunch of things, round-up post are fantastic for this.

4. Traffic helps sell affiliate links! You don't need to have a crazy amount of traffic but you do need eyes on your site. Strategically working to increase your traffic is an important part of blogging. I have a FREE E-Book that goes into making Post for the purpose of driving in traffic. 

5. Review all of your top traffic driving post and see if their is anywhere you can naturally squeak in a few affiliate links! That should start your revenue coming in. 



I've created this course to break down the strategies for leveraging Pinterest to get your affiliate links out to hundreds of thousands if not millions. This is great when you are first starting and haven't built up a large readership yet.




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Something Michelle says that I absolutely love is: 

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