How to get traffic to your site when nothing is working?

 How to get people to your site when nothing is working. A different way of looking at it. Increase your daily traffic and watch the pageviews roll up!

Hey Oh!

Nothing like getting through the super exciting phase of starting your site and getting your posts up and then you hit the infamous Blogging Wall. You're just not getting any traffic, trust me you are not alone, there are tons of people in the exact spot you are in right now. I personally know that place entirely too well since I had 20+ post, had been blogging for 6 months and was still under 1000 pageviews a month.

That awful doubt feeling started to sneak in where I would secretly wonder if what I was doing was actually a HUGE waste of time. At this point, I had invested countless hours into my blog. Even my super supportive husband was looking at me like, ok babe.... maybe that's enough. 

The problem was I was not willing to give up the dream of having a successful blog. I looked around me and I could see all of these people who were doing it, some making huge dollars, but I'd be happy just really getting mine off the ground.

For me, that was to reach 10K Pageviews a month. Something about that number seemed so unobtainable that I knew if I could reach it I could reach anything. 

Secret: I'm over that now !!!!!!

Can I get a WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I now call that place I was in, that was full of doubt and worry that I wasn't capable, or my product was just plain the wrong product, or worse when I was really low that I was using my valuable time on something that was selfish and pointless. 

I call that place:  THE SUCK. 

So are you in THE SUCK? Have you hit the blogging wall when your site is up you have some good post but you aren't gaining traction?

I would have given anything for someone to come help me out of that hole I had dug. I had bought people's courses trying to claw myself out. 

The problem was, every course I purchased was talking about "How I went from 0-200k views" or "How I Use Pinterest To Build an Empire" 

Nothing was showing me how to specifically transform my site to do that. I purchased these courses and they had great information. They told me what to do, but there is a huge difference between telling someone what to do and showing them how to do it for themselves.

My pageviews went up a little bit, but nowhere near what they were promising. Nowhere near enough to warrant the amount of effort I was putting in. That's because we were in completely different Niches and our readers wanted completely different things. 

You may be wondering how I figured it out. The truth is I spent a lot of time digging into my site trying anything I could to get things rolling, I was truly determined to get things done. The problem was I never knew what to try, or what was working, or WHAT MY READERS WANTED!

When the answer finally came to me it was so simple I was totally surprised. 

All I needed was more DATA, then I would know exactly what my readers wanted and would be able to adjust my site's content to make them happy. I could adjust the courses I had already purchased to work better for me. 

The secret to having a blog is exactly what every blogger tells you it is:

"Know your target audience." 


It always infuriated me because if I knew exactly what my readers wanted I wouldn't be buying your course would I? 


What am I talking about when I say DATA?

I'm talking about the numbers you can pull from google analytics that will tell you exactly what your readers want. When you are shooting in the dark this is like someone handing you a flashlight. 

Trust the numbers, the numbers don't lie!

So if the biggest secret to getting MORE PAGEVIEWS is knowing who your readers are, then the best way to go about that is to study your Google Analytics account.

There is just one, itsy, bitsy problem... 

Google Analytics, is confusing, overwhelming, underwhelming, and downright nerve racking. Literally took me months to start using it to actually help me GROW MY PAGEVIEWS.

BUT! Don't think I'm going to leave you hanging. 

Did you know that you can create your own custom dashboards that presents to you all the important information about your blog at the click of a button? AND THAT YOU CAN SHARE IT WITH OTHER PEOPLE! 


See, I did NOT know that. I was wasting time clicking away in GA. Getting more overwhelmed than actually learning from the little readers I had. 

I think pretty much everyone has heard the saying: 

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Well here is your fishing rod:

Once you've downloaded my GA Custom Dashboard Template you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.

I want you to treat it like a magic 8 ball, or better yet Ouija board that you are subconsciously moving on your own. 


What posts do my readers like best?

What post do they read the longest?

What post do they bounce off of? (this is referring to bounce rate when someone only looks at one page and then leaves your site.)

Then ask WHY, over and over again until you start to see patterns in it all. WHY do they bounce from this page, but not that page? WHY do they like this post so much?

Then ask HOW: How can I add these elements to my other post? How can I get rid of the stuff making my readers flee my site. How can I darn near copy the stuff that's working and get more eyes on my blog. 












Jessica Devlin

Founder & Creative Director