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You better believe there is some affiliate links in this post. I ship these courses so hard that I refer them all the time. 

These 3 courses are awesome for new bloggers. 3 bloggers share exactly what they've learned to get where they are and how you can get their too! Less than $100 each which is fantastic these days!. 

There are a ton of courses for newer bloggers, and I've only listed 3. These are the 3 that I can 100% say are worth the money with confidence. I've taken at least a dozen courses, some provided value, others not so much. These 3 courses are foundation courses, they aren't create your blog courses. Once you've got your website up, these will set you on the right path. We have shared our journey with you, in hopes that it can be easier for you than it was for us. 

1. blog2freedom:

well I had to plug mine in here. This course is geared to people who already have their blog created and they are looking for the next step.

The premise is simple: it takes 3 things to generate traffic: 1. Great Quality Content 2. Understanding Your Analytics 3. Know How to Promote. 

Here's a link to my most popular freebie, it teaches you how to monetize your Pinterest account!

I created this course because I had taken a few courses that left me feeling like hollow. I paid for the course but it I didn't come close to the potential it was promising and it was hard to handle. I kept thinking that it was a "me" problem. Since breaking through the first 10k a month pageviews, I've realized there are a few universal truths to blogging: That every blog is different, that some people are lying.... or embellishing, and that it may take you longer, and it may be harder but if yoy want it, you can get it. Which is the premise of my course.



2. Start a Mom Blog Products

I freaking love Suzi, her whole concept is blog by numbers. Like paint by numbers. She really breaks each step down about how she built her blogging career. Girl is rocking it too, she's pulling in 20k a month from her blog which is amazing. The other thing about Suzi is she's genuinely a good person. I reached out to her a few times, and she's always been willing to help me out. Her courses are easy to follow and they get great results. 



3. Twinsmommy

Elna, is amazing. Seriously amazing, wish we were best friends amazing. I feel like we would sit and have coffee and she would tell me all about the struggles of having twins, which would remind me my toddler terror isn't that bad. At least we still out number him. Elna's course is a fantastic foundation for any new blogger. It's not a course that teaches you how to create a course, it actually very much aligns with my own course on what time frame someone would be taking it. Our courses have some overlap but they run more parallel than on the same path. I purchased Elna's course the second she put it out. I wanted a bit of an edge up and I knew anything she put in that course about writing emails would be completely worth the money. I love her emails. (that's saying a lot! I'm subscribed to 100s of people's list. For one blogger to stand out as emails I want to read, is a big deal) 


4. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

As I take more courses this list will grow. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing really is an amazing course. It breaks down how to actually generate revenue using affiliates. Learn how Michelle went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month. If you are thinking, yea that's great for her but I can't do that. You can, it'll take time and you'll need to grow your blog and your traffic but there is no reason why you can't make affiliate income. If you're not earning money through affiliate marketing, then you are leaving money on the table


I will add to this as I take more courses, but these are the courses I'm happy I invested in as a beginner blogger. Whether it was my own, where I invested countless (seriously so many) hours into documenting everything I had learned. Or Suzy and Elna's courses, who both do a fantastic job sharing their experiences and make it easier to follow in their footsteps. 

If you are new to the blogging journey, I would love to hear from you. What's going on in that head of yours? feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, unsure? What ever it is, shoot me off an email and I'll be happy to get back to you

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