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You are super excited because you've decided to start a blog! Yay wooohooo you can totally frigging do it! I'm completely behind you kid. 

Here is my top 10 tips to starting your blog with a bang. (If you've already started, you can still do these things! I did them all after my first post but I wish I had done them before. 

If you aren't sure where to start check out the rest of my New to blogging series!


Figure Out Your WHY:

Before you start a blog you will have to know your niche? I'm not going to sit here and lecture you about having to choose the perfect one and how you have to narrow it down but you need to have at least a Category.


Here are some examples of broad Categories:

  • Home Decor
  • LifeStyle
  • Fashion
  • Mommy
  • DIYer
  • Wedding
  • Photography
  • Food Blogger

You want to know which category you fall into. You might be a photography blogger but your niche is you take amazing photos of kids. (Great niche idea, fantastic kids photographer writes a blog on how parents can take their own shots. man, you are going to be so famous. Youtube would be great for that).

A great way to narrow down your niche is to work out what your WHY is for starting the blog. Not the one you tell everyone, but the secret one you only admit to yourself.

  • The I want to quit my job.
  • I want to retire early
  • I want to pay off the house
  • I want to be my own boss. 

Figure out your WHY. That's what will help guide you. 

If your WHY is to make money, then you have to enter a niche that's proven to do that. 

Figure out what your strengths are and what you're passionate about and go look for other bloggers making money in that niche.

If you can't find any, well chances are you need a new idea.



Follow them, see what they are doing. Look for people who are just breaking into the game (think 10k followers or less). Make sure you love their content genuine engagement is the best kind. Now start following them on all things. Comment, like, watch their Instagram stories. Talk to them as a friend. You will start to build relationships with them. You won't connect with them all but it takes work to make friends in real life, and it takes work to make friends online. 



You want to join groups in your niche and blogging related groups.  Listen to the people you are trying to target. Are they asking questions?

Example: Fashion (what's next years hottest brand) (are Celine bags out now? 

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I see the question all the time. Do I need a backlog of posts to start my blog? The answer is NO. It sure is easier though, I didn't have a backlog and had to keep on top of my posting scheduling. The more consistent you can post the better. Google likes it, your readers will like it, and when things get tough it helps you stay motivated.  

I have great news for you, I've got a great FREE RESOURCE TO HELP WITH THIS! 

Basically, you want at least 5 posts that will help draw people to your site. You don't have a fan base, so you need to make posts that people will eat up and want to share. 

Somethings to keep in mind, Google takes months to recognize your blog, and even Pinterest isn't instantaneous. Don't expect these post to drive in a ton of traffic right away but you want to make the best post you can. 

I'm also a big advocate of going back to your post and tweaking them and adjusting them as you learn. Works great!



So, you've created your 5 posts, and you have people trickling in. You want your site optimized so that people want to stay. A few things every site needs:

  1. newsletter
  2. Branding (it will grow but try to start with a basic 3 color palette.)
  3. Create an Opt-in if you can to get people on your site from day one. An opt-in is something you provide for free in return for the person's email address. Great opt-ins give value to the reader. From teaching something to a stock photo, there are hundreds of opt-in possibilities.


I did not have to worry about this because I've started blogging on a Squarespace site. I didn't have to plug anything in everything worked off the hop. If you are super busy or way to overwhelmed to start a Wordpress site, I love Squarespace. BUT if I were to start today, I would choose Wordpress. For one reason only.


Tons of different companies make plug-ins for Wordpress. It seems to work exactly like apps on an iphone. You plug them in and they help make your site better. There are some fantastic ones out there that I feel like I'm missing out on. Yoast for example. 

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Blogging tools are designed to help you do your job. Some are free, some aren't but they all serve a purpose. You need to figure out which ones will help you out the most. Blogging tools make the process easier. An example would be Boardbooster who help you by pinning on a schedule which in return grows your traffic. I've created a list MUST HAVE TOOLS FOR BLOGGERS  of tools that I absolutely love. Grammarly being one of them since I can't spell for the life of me!



This is such a huge part of blogging that I'm going to write an entire post about it. Look for it (here soon). Having attainable goals, actionable goals, goals that keep you going. Truly necessary as a blogger. I like to set a goal that I'm fairly confident that I will blow out of the water, than I like to set a stretch goal that is possible but hard to meet. Then I like to daydream about one day winning the viral post lottery and have 50million viewers in a day. Goals matter. 

Want to help me with my winning the lottery goal? Make sure you Share this post! Sharing is caring!


My biggest suggestion is to create multiple streams of income. When you first start out you might not earn anything, but the plan is soon that turns into a trickle and that turns into a stream. I created the How To Make Money Blogging post to explain the different ways you can monetize your site.




This is a little self serving because I have a course that helps new bloggers. So yes, this is me pitching my course. But only if it makes sense to you. There are hundreds of courses out there and they all have different benefits. I've taken at least 10 in the last year and plan on taking everyone I can. There have been courses that flat out haven't worked for me, but that doesn't mean they won't work for you. I do have a post suggestion my Top 3 favorite Courses for new bloggers. This is my honest opinion, these courses will definitely help you succeed. One of them is my own, because it's exactly what I do to grow my two blogs, and the other two are the two courses that really helped me succeed. 



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Jessica Devlin

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