Do you daydream about the day you can go on a fancy vacation with the money from youR blog?

What about the day you can pay off your house?

Quite your job?

I'm going to let you in on a secret, most bloggers dream those same dreams.

Then doubt sets in.

How do I make my blog as successful as everyone else?

What am I or aren't I doing that's causing my blog not to succeed. 

Is what I'm doing worth it?

Will this work?

I've taken a lot of courses and read a ton of post about getting big views but somehow the same thing always sneaks in, their post went viral. So that got me wondering, how do the rest of us do it? How do I make my blog succeed if my post doesn't get picked up by a popular blogger or it isn't pinned 10k times over night? 

See some of what makes bloggers successful is luck. Yes, they've done all the right things but They. Still. Got. Lucky.

So you may be wondering, what if I'm not lucky?

Don't worry, I've got you. I'm writing this to you because even though you might not be an overnight success and it certainly will not be easy, it's totally possible for you to make money with your blog.

It will take time, it will take grit and you certainly will have your doubts but that's what separates the successful people from the quitters. 

Not Quitting

Yup, that's it. You will certainly learn to pivot, have to change direction, learn to walk when you want to run, but if you keep learning and you keep getting better it will happen. Use every NO you encounter as an opportunity to learn how to get to YES. Failing is a part of the process, learn to embrace it and keep moving forward. Lean into the hard




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My name is Jessica Devlin, these courses started as a rough outline of everything I had been learning. What worked what didn't work, what was a complete waste of time. As it grew and my blog became more successful I started to realize how much I wish I had all this information upfront in a straight forward, get to the point manner. You see, I got very tired, very quickly of people promising me the world, me busting my tail off and getting mediocre results. Not because I wasn't progressing, but because people were promising 50k views and I was trying to hit 10k and it was truly frustrating. 

So here are all my secrets, all my hard earned information. This is trial and error wrapped up into these courses. Use them to your advantage, build off of them, let them guide you to what works best with your site. The things I've put in here did not make me an overnight sensation but with time and effort they did work and now I get amazing messages from readers about how much they love my blog, or how helpful they found my post. You see, those people were always out there, but I had to manually get myself in front of them. That first 10k is the hardest, you are pushing a barrel uphill trying to get to the top. Take it day by day. Goal by goal.